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  • Watering Tips for plants

    What’s the most common reason for plant death? Overwatering, Lack of light and Pests. How to avoid killing your plants? Read in this article about watering your plants.
  • Repotting Tips 🌱

    Tip 1 – Repotting doesn’t always mean changing the pot to a bigger size. Sometimes it’s enough to change the soil or potting mix to a fresh one. Fr...
  • Let's Talk Bugs - all you need to know

    General info: As with any hobby that brings a lot of joy – there’s also a practical side to plant keeping.  Previously we have covered care tips, r...
  • Let's talk bugs – Fungus Gnats

    Fungus gnats are considered a minor pest (with a major level of annoyance), however if an infestation gets out hand, they can become a serious issu...