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Let's talk bugs – Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are considered a minor pest (with a major level of annoyance), however if an infestation gets out hand, they can become a serious issue. 

By the looks of it, a fungus gnat resembles a fruit fly. It usually lives in the soil and is attracted to moisture. A single gnat can lay 200 eggs per day, which hatch in 3days to feed off fungi and decaying plant material. The lifespan of an adult gnat is 1 week, then the cycle repeats. 

As pests, fungus gnats are harmless to humans, and in small numbers they can’t cause any real damage however, if the infestation explodes, the larvae can start feeding off the plants’ roots and stunt plant growth (especially seedlings and plant babies).

So, let’s KILL THEM (insert evil laugh :D )

Appearance: grey/black, max 3mm, spend most of the time on top of the soil, but can fly in one’s face, too. 


  • Don’t overwater your plants
  • Ensure adequate airflow


  • Exchanging the top 2-3cm of soil
  • Sticky card traps
  • Flypaper
  • 1:4 mixture of peroxide (ūdeņraža pārskābe) and water 
  • Sprinkling the top of the soil with cinnamon
  • Bacilons by bioefekts (works wonders)


Written by @augiem_buut