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Corporate Gifts

Your colleague's first day at the office?

Make their new desk extra cosy with some succulents.

A birthday gift for your teammate, who just so happens to be a plant lover?

A Monstera for the birthday queen.

Welcome back from remote working?

A tall Sansevieria to get that oxygen and workflow going.

Whatever the occasion, there's always a plant to celebrate it with!

Step One —
Pick Your Plant

We have everything for everyone – plants for beginners, pet-friendly plants, hard to kill plants and plants for real plant lovers. We’ll find the most suitable plant for the companies or home office. Even if you want to grow tomatoes in your office, we can make your urban farmer dreams come true.

Step Two —
Tell Us Where You Want It

Above, under or behind your desk. Outside or inside on a window sill. In Riga or any other city in Latvia. We can make it happen.

Last Step — Submit Your Order

Let's get started. Our goal is to get you all greened up by the end of August. If you have any questions — please reach out to us, your plant godmothers!

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