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Actiniopteris australis aka eyelash fern (EASYfinds)

Actiniopteris australis aka eyelash fern (EASYfinds)

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EASYfinds: these plants are in need of love and care, and we are selling them from 1 - 10 EUR. Money raised through selling these will go to our charity project "Tiny Baby Node", to buy more thread to knit sets for prematurely born babies.

This baby looks a bit yellowish on the end of leaves. We guess it needs some extra love and care.

Actiniopteris australis is a tender fern that requires warm temperatures to flourish.  This pretty little fern can be found growing in the wild, in a wide range of countries and locations, including: Madagascar, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

Producing very pretty, palm like fronds on a diminutive scale, Actiniopteris australis is a charming fern to add to your collection. Its a mini fern that grows to just 15cm tall.

Plant care:

  • It needs even moisture, so water it regularly
  • Likes to grow in shade or semi shade
  • Its ideal temperature is  between 18-28°C.