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Echeveria lotus (EASYfind)

Echeveria lotus (EASYfind)

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These plants are in need of love and care, and we are selling them from 1 - 5 EUR. Money raised through selling these will go to our charity project "Tiny Baby Node", to buy more thread to knit sets for prematurely born babies.


This succulent plant forms rosettes of powdery blue-green fleshy leaves. It looks like a lotus in bloom. The edges turn light rose when grown in bright light. The flowers are white with a yellow center and appear in spring. It is a perfect combination of rustic and retro to create a wonderful zen garden in your home. As other succulent it thrives on short periods of neglect and low watering.


  • Bright indirect light
  • Moderate watering and wait until the soil is dry in between waterings. Rather too dry than too wet.
  • Pet friendly

Height of the plant - 15 cm. Diameter of the pot - 12 cm