How it works

  • Subscribe

    Subscribe to 1, 3 or 6 months and get a surprise plant delivered to your doorstep every month. Order it for yourself or send it as a gift for your millennial cousin or plant loving grandma.

    If commitments and subscriptions are not for you, you can also simply buy one of the beautiful plants we have for sale. Plant subscriptions start from 11,90 EUR per month, individual plants from 6 EUR.

  • Discover

    Choose the features, variety, and style of your surprise plants. Tell us if you have any pets, if your place has a lot of light or you live in a cave, and other relevant details that we need to know to assure our surprise plant lives its best life together with you.

    We also have special plants for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, newborn celebrations, divorces, and so on.

  • Grow

    We'll ship your new plant within 3 days after your purchase and you'll get your future plants delivered on the same day every month.

    It's our goal to help you avoid killing your plants straight away. The plant will come with care instructions and we'll be here every step of the way. We deliver our plants in secure and environmentally friendly packages with standard delivery in the Baltic States and Europe.

What's in it
Something new every month
You choose your subscription plan, the types of plants you prefer, we'll make sure you get your new plant safe and sound with everything you need every month. The plants come in planters with care instructions and some other fun extras.
Surprise, baby!
Let our plants surprise you! We're all tired of being all grown up and making decisions. Let our monthly surprise plant delivery feel like green Christmas every time you're unboxing a new plant.
It’s personal
We treat every plant as our family member. Each plant gets shipped to you with a unique name we give it just before the journey, together with personal plant care instructions in your preferred language and a love letter from our founders.
Care card to keep your plant happy
One surprise plant
We make
Real-time content - what you see is what you get. We make photos and videos of all the plants we receive. No stock photos.
We care
we use recyclable packaging for plants and recycled plastic signs for plant care information.
We are real
Real-time content - what you see together with time and try to adapt new things into our service - scan a QR code to read about your plant's needs or buy your plant with a bitcoin! #Hip&Happeninngand videos of all the plants we receive. No stock photos.
We tell
how to take care of plants, how to repot etc. in our educational content in form of pictures, videos & text.
We talk
to you in our monthly love letters where we tell you about our brightest moments and fuckups.
We personalise
everything we do - we give your plant a name, pack it with love, add a care instruction, love letter. You buy not only a plant but also a personality!
We are here
for you practically almost 24/7. Your plant got sick, you need a tip or just another crazy plant person to talk to? Text us on Instagram!
We heal
your plant if it’s out of your power. Our plant hospital welcomes every plant we believe can be saved.